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6 Days Special ADK Tour Package

6 Days Special ADK Tour Package

Total Cost: Rs. 95,000

6 Days Special ADK Tour package

Tour Details:

6 Days Special ADK Tour Package

Imagine an extraordinary journey through a valley adorned with magnificent water springs, enchanting waterfalls, serene alpine lakes, and the beauty of Azad Kashmir and the occupied Kashmir border. A paradise for tourists indeed! Neelum Valley tourism offers all this and more.

The best time to visit Neelum Valley is between November and March, as well as May to July and August to September, ideal for exploring alpine lakes like Ratti Gali and Chitta Katha Lake.

Neelum Valley, spanning over 200 KM in a captivating bow-shaped layout, is blessed with lush Pine and Cedar trees, verdant green mountains, and remarkable tourist destinations like Kutton, Keran, Upper Neelum, Sharda, Kel, and Toabutt. Our 6-day tour package allows you to cover almost every exquisite tourist destination in Neelum Valley. The tour commences from Islamabad and Lahore, ensuring the best transport, hotel stay, fuel management, and exceptional sightseeing opportunities such as sighting waterfalls, Neelum Jhelum River, Kutton Waterfall, and the scenic Sharda Valley.

Major Tourist Destinations in Neelum Valley:

  • Kutton Jagran
  • Keran
  • Upper Neelum
  • Baboon Valley
  • Ratti Gali Lake
  • Sharda
  • Arrang Kel
  • Taobutt

Itinerary of ADK Tour:

Day 1: Islamabad to Muzaffarabad

Places to visit: Murree, Kohala Picnic Point, Kashmir Waterfall, PC Muzaffarabad, Muzaffarabad Old Market

Stay: Muzaffarabad

Day 2: Muzaffarabad to Upper Neelum

Places to visit: Pattika, Dhani Waterfall, Neelum Jhelum, Keran

Stay: Upper Neelum

Day 3: Upper Neelum to Sharda

Places to visit: Dowarian, Sharda, Sharda Peeth

Stay: Sharda

Day 4: Sharda to Kel

Places to visit: Kel Lake, Kel Bazaar, Arrang Kel

Stay: Kel

Day 5: Kel to Kutton

Places to visit: Kutton Waterfall, Kutton Resort

Stay: Kutton

Day 6: Kutton to Islamabad

Embark on this mesmerizing journey with us and experience the unparalleled beauty of Azad Kashmir.

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