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Chitral Tour Packages

Best and discounted chitral tour packages in Pakistan for a wonderful experience. You can also create and book a customize chitral tour packages and get best and discounted deals on family vacation destinations.

Chitral Tour Packages By Vaadi Travels

We provide the best chitral tour packages along with the range of options to suit every need and preference.

Best Chitral Tour Packages in Pakistan

Chitral is situated at a height of 1500m above ocean level, in the northern region of Pakistan’s KPK Territory. It is open through the Lawari Passage which works like a bridge between the wonderful valley with the KPK, while in its north it is attached with Gilgit Baltistan by means of Shandoor Pass. The lavish green valleys, high elevation mountains, and beautiful glacial masses alongside the rich culture of the district draw in a few sightseers from the nation over and globe consistently.

One of the significant attractions in Chitral is the well known Kalash Valley, which draws in a great many sightseers from across the globe because of its remarkable culture and conventional qualities. The valley commends a few celebrations each year which are a wellspring of interest and fascination. Well known celebrations incorporate Chilam Joshi which is ceremonialize in the spring season, Choimus which is of winter seasons, and Uchal is of summer celebrations.

This area is honored with spectacular beauty and each valley has own remarkable traits recognize it from the others. Garam Chashma Valley is known for the hot springs, while Gobor locale in the valley is wealthy in lavish green scenes and fast floppy waters. Madaklasht is one more valley of Chitral situated at an extremely high height, encompassed by rough high mountains brimming with pine trees. It is well known for its weighty snowfall in winter, as it likewise has a ski resort which itself offers captivating encounters. Moreover, the KPK government has as of late chosen to fabricate an electric chairlift from Kumrat (Dir Valley) to Madaklasht for the advancement of the travel industry in the area,which would be most likely the most noteworthy chairlift on the planet.

Moreover, upper Chitral interfaces with GB by means of Laspur valley through the world’s most noteworthy polo ground Shandor. On the opposite side of the upper Chitral, Broghil valley interfaces with Tajikistan through the Wakhan Hall. Chitral Valley additionally has many imperiled species like Snow Panthers, Markhor, Chakore, and so on which are available in the Gol Public Park as well as up in the mountains. Principal vacationer exercises incorporate climbing, journeying, touring, going to celebrations, skiing, and setting up camp.

Chitral Visits are monstrously famous among sightseers as they rush in gigantic numbers to observe the stunning magnificence of nature that this valley brings to the table. Spending occasions in the pleasant heaps of Chitral is a fantasy for some. Visit our Chitral Tour packages and allow us to have the pleasure of giving you a few encounters of your lifetime.

Come to Explore Chitral Valley with Vaadi Travels, Chitral is renowned for Kalaash Culture and it’s a characteristic stunner. Spots to explore during a visit to Chitral are Dir, Ayun, Chitral Town, Brir, Bamburet, Rambur, Public Gol Park, Garam Chasma. You can book your visit at info@vaaditravels.com or whatsapp us at +92-334-5129-777.

On the visit to Chitral, the main objective which we offer for stay is Phana Kot Dir and afterward Ayun Town. Ayun Town is well known for its scene and temperature with streams and plantation gardens. Three Valleys of Kalash are 30 minutes’ drive from Ayun Town every valley in inverse heading. How about we explore Chitral with Vaadi Travels.

We have variety of chitral Tour Packages for you!

Chitral Tour Packages

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