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Vaadi Travels offers 5 Days Chitral Tour Package at cheapest price.


Total Cost: Rs. 90,000

5 days chitral tour package

Tour Details:

Try the unbelievable Chitral in 5 Days from Islamabad. This tour package is best for special night couples to thoroughly explore the beauty of Chitral or families who are in search of spending their summer vacations in the wonderful valley of Chitral. Places that are covered during the travel of Chitral are; Dir, Lowari Passage, Nagar, Gurait, Ayun Valley, Bumburet Kalash, Chitral, Garam Chasma, Chitral Mosque, and Public Gol Park.

5 Day Chitral Tour Package Itinerary:

Day 1: Islamabad to Nagar

Places to Visit: Swat Expressway, Tunnel, Orchards of Peach, Dir, Lowari Tunnel, Nagar

Stop: Nagar

Day 2: Nagar to Ayun Village and Bumburet

Places to Visit: Ayun Village, Bumburet Kalash

Stop: Ayun Village

Day 3: Ayun Village to Chitral

Places to Visit: Chitral Mosque, Chitral Museum, Chitral City

Stop: Chitral

Day 4: Chitral to Gol National Park

Places to Visit: Garam Chasma, Gol National Park

Stop: Chitral

Day 5: Chitral to Islamabad

If you are a new couple or a family that is in search of memories that can’t be forgotten, then this Chitral tour package is only for you.

Allow us to take care of all the arrangements of the travel throughout the whole incredible and memorable Chitral journey.

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