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7 Days Skardu Hunza By Air Tour

7 Days Skardu Hunza By Air Tour

Northern Pakistan boasts two breathtaking regions, Hunza and Skardu, which have captured the hearts of tourists with their mesmerizing mountain landscapes and captivating cultural richness. While there are various ways to reach these regions, air travel stands out as the most convenient option.

In Pakistan, numerous domestic airlines, including Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Air Blue, provide flights to Skardu and nearby airports. To access Hunza, travelers have the choice of embarking on a scenic road trip from Skardu or opting for a flight to nearby airports like Gilgit or Skardu.

The flight time from Islamabad to Skardu is approximately one hour, while the flight from Islamabad to Gilgit takes around 45 minutes. It’s important to note that the exact flight duration and cost may vary depending on the airline and the time of year. To ensure accuracy and secure a seat, it is advisable to consult the airlines or a reliable travel agent for up-to-date information and make reservations in advance.

Upon arriving at Skardu or Gilgit, transportation is readily available to explore the wonders of Skardu or Hunza. The journey takes approximately 4-5 hours and treats travelers to awe-inspiring views of the majestic Karakoram Mountains and the serene Indus River. For those seeking a guided experience, numerous tour packages are available for Skardu and Gilgit, which include excursions to Hunza and other nearby attractions.

Inclusive in the tour packages are three tiers – Standard, Deluxe, and Luxury, which provide varying levels of comfort and services. The offerings include transportation via Toyota Corolla or Prado (2007 model), fuel, hotel accommodation, Places to Visit experiences (tickets not included), toll taxes, parking fees, and provisions for the driver’s food and accommodation.

The itinerary for this enticing journey is as follows:

Day 1: Arrive at Skardu Airport & Depart for Skardu

Places to Visit: Upper Kachura, SOQ Valley, Lower Kachura

Stay: Skardu City

Day 2: Departure For Khaplu

Places to Visit: Khaplu Palace, Chaqchan Mosque, Khanqah-e-Muallah, Ganche, Sailing Khaplu

Stay: Karakoram Lodges Khaplu

Day 3: Departure for Shigar

Places to Visit: Manthoka Waterfall, Cold Desert Shigar, Amburiq Mosque, Khilingrong Mosque, and Shigar Fort

Stay: Shigar

Day 4: Departure for Hunza

Places to Visit: 3m Junction, Rakaposhi Viewpoint, Aliabad, Karimabad, Altit Fort, Baltit Fort

Stay: Hunza

Day 5: Departure for Khunjerab

Places to Visit: Attabad Tunnels, Attabad Lake, Sacred Rock, Hussani Suspension Bridge, Passu Cones, Sost border, Khunjerab Border (Pakistan China Border)

Stay: Attabad Lake

Day 6: Departure for Nalter Valley

Places to Visit: Nalter Valley, Nalter Forest, Rainbow Lake

Stay: Gilgit

Day 7: Drop At Gilgit Airport

This meticulously crafted itinerary promises an unforgettable journey through the wonders of northern Pakistan, offering an enriching blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and adventure.

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