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Murree Nathiagali Neelum Valley 5 Days Tour Package

Murree Nathiagali Neelum Valley 5 Days Tour Package

Murree from delightful scenes and untamed life saves, we offer our clients an encounter that will totally revive their brain, soul and body. While Murree offers plentiful picturesque magnificence, zest estates, moderate temperature, traveler approaching around and Nathia Gali is high level with huge excellence. Kashmir pearl Neelum Valley never neglects to enchant anybody with water springs, lavish mountains, stormy season, Neelum Stream and consider as ideal spot to unwind and de-stress in the midst of serene environs. 5 days ordered visit bundle for Murree, Nathia Gali and Neelum Valley.

Tour Itinerary

1st Day: Islamabad to Murree

Places to Visit: Mall Road, Murree, Kashmir Point

Stay at: Murree

2nd Day: Murree to Muzaffarabad

Places to Visit: Kohala Picnic Point, Kashmir Waterfall, Muzaffarabad

Stay at: Muzaffarabad

3rd Day: Muzaffarabad to Keran

Places to Visit: Pattika, Noseri Waterfall, Keran

Stay at: Keran

4th Day: Keran to Kutton

Places to Visit: Kutton Waterfall, Kutton Jagran

Stay at: Kutton

5th Day: Kutton to Islamabad

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