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5 Days Luxury Skardu Tour Package

5 Days Luxury Skardu Tour Package

Total Cost: Rs. 176000

5 days luxury skardu tour package

Tour Details

Exciting 5-day Adventure to Skardu Valley awaits! Explore Upper Kachura Lake, Lower Kachura Lake, Katpana Desert, Shigar, Khaplu, Manthoka Waterfall, and more. Luxury hotel stay, 4×4 transport, and unbeatable travel deals included.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: From Islamabad to Skardu

Places to visit: Upper Kachura Lake, Lower Kachura Lake

Stay: Shangrilla Skardu

Day 2: Kachura Lake to Shigar

Places to visit: Katpana Desert, Blind Lake, Shigar Delta, Shigar Fort

Stay: Serena Shigar

Day 3: Shigar to Khaplu

Places to visit: Ghanche, Small villages during the tour

Stay: Serena Khaplu

Day 4: Khaplu to Shigar

Places to visit: Khaplu Palace, Manthokha Waterfall

Stay: Serena Shigar

Day 5: Shigar to Islamabad

Experience the complete thrill and adventure of this 5-day tour! Book now for an unforgettable journey.

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