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7 Days Special Trip To Skardu By Luxury Road

7 Days Special Trip To Skardu By Luxury Road

Total Cost: Rs. 491000

7 days special trip to skardu by luxury road

Tour Details:

Experience the ultimate 7-day luxury tour of Skardu, Pakistan, where a plethora of activities and top-notch accommodations promise a delightful and comfortable journey. Skardu, located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region, is a favored destination for trekking, mountaineering, and adventure sports. Indulge in the following activities during this luxurious tour of Skardu:

The drive to Skardu, traversing the Karakoram Highway (KKH), offers breathtaking mountain scenery and may take several days, depending on your starting point. Along the way, immerse yourself in the beauty of Chilas and the Raikot Bridge.

Possible Activities:

  • Trekking to nearby peaks, including the renowned K2 base camp, and exploring the awe-inspiring Baltoro Glacier.
  • Embarking on a thrilling jeep tour to witness the mesmerizing mountain landscapes of the region.
  • Visiting the enchanting Deosai Plains, a high-altitude alpine plain teeming with diverse wildlife and blooming flowers during the summer.
  • Unwinding at a luxurious hotel or resort that offers exceptional amenities, such as serene lakes, majestic mountain views, and exquisite dining options.
  • As the road trip can be demanding, navigating rugged terrain and steep inclines, a reliable vehicle is essential, and preparedness for varied road conditions is advised.
  • Upon reaching Skardu, the city and its surroundings offer a multitude of attractions to explore. Visit the historic Skardu Fort, the impressive Kharpocho Fort, the Upper Kachura Lake, the enchanting Satpara Lake, and the captivating Shigar Fort.
  • Additionally, you can embark on day trips to neighboring valleys like Deosai, Khaplu, Shigar, and Kachura, which present diverse opportunities for trekking and hiking.

Itinerary for 7 Days Luxury Skardu Road Trip:

  • Toyota Prado 4×4
  • Fuel
  • Hotel Stay (1 Room)
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Toll Tax + Parking Fee
  • Driver Expenses
  • (Note: Tickets and meals not included)

Day 1: Pick Up From Islamabad & Departure for Naran

Embark on the journey, visiting picturesque spots such as Balakot, Kuwai, Kaghan Naran, Kunhar River, and Naran Bazaar. Unwind in the lap of luxury at The Sarai Naran, the finest hotel in Naran.

Day 2: Departure for Gilgit

Witness the beauty of Jalkhad, Batakundi, Lulusar Lake, Babusar Top, Chilas, and Nanga Parbet View Point before relaxing in the luxurious Serena Gilgit, the best hotel in Gilgit.

Day 3: Departure for Kachura Skardu

Explore Upper Kachura, Lower Kachura, and Souq Village, and indulge in the comfort of an Executive Suite at Shangrila Skardu, the epitome of luxury.

Day 4: Departure for Khaplu

Marvel at the delights of Sailing Khaplu, Khaplu Palace, Chaqchan Mosque, Khanqah-e-Muallah, Khaplu Fort, and Ghanhe. Rest in opulence at Khaplu’s Heritage Suite, offering the best hotel experience.

Day 5: Departure for Shigar

Experience the grandeur of Manthoka Waterfall, Amburiq Mosque, Khilingrong Mosque, Shigar Fort, and Safranga Desert. Stay in Shigar’s Heritage Suite, offering unmatched luxury.

Day 6: Departure for Naran

Return to Naran and enjoy another comforting stay at The Sarai Naran.

Day 7: Departure for Islamabad

Conclude your unforgettable journey with a return trip to Islamabad.

Prepare for an extraordinary week of luxury, adventure, and natural splendor during this remarkable 7-day tour of Skardu, Pakistan.

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