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Fairy Meadows Tour Package

Fairy Meadows Tour Package​

fairy meadows tour package

Tour Details:

Embark on an enchanting journey to Fairy Meadows, Pakistan, and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing natural beauty of this lush alpine meadow, nestled near the base of the majestic Nanga Parbat mountain. Here are some highlights to consider during your Fairy Meadows tour:

The adventure begins from the city of Chilas, the nearest roadhead to Fairy Meadows. From Chilas, you’ll take a thrilling jeep ride to the village of Tato, followed by an approximately 6-8 hour trek through picturesque landscapes and quaint villages to reach Fairy Meadows.

Upon arriving at Fairy Meadows, prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring views of Nanga Parbat and the surrounding region. Engage in various activities such as camping, hiking, and fishing, fully immersing yourself in the tranquil ambiance.

For an added experience, consider a day trip to the nearby wonders of Raikot Glacier and the Nanga Parbat Base Camp.

The ideal time to visit Fairy Meadows is from May to September, as the area remains closed during the winter months due to heavy snowfall.

Itinerary of Fairy Meadows Tour Package:

Inclusive Options:

Day 1: Pickup from Islamabad / Lahore and Departure to Chilas

Enjoy a scenic 13-hour drive via Naran, with captivating sights of Lulusar Lake, Babusar Top, and Chilas along the way. Rest for the night in Chilas Raikot.

Day 2: Departure for Fairy Meadows on Jeep

Embark on a thrilling jeep ride followed by an approximately 3-hour hike to Fairy Meadows, where nature’s wonders await.

Day 3: Hiking for German Point or Beyal Camp

Savor the breathtaking surroundings as you hike to German Point or Beyal Camp, offering spectacular vistas. Spend the night at Fairy Meadows.

Day 4: Departure for Astore

Witness the beauty of Bunji, Harcho Waterfall, and Astore River as you journey towards Astore for a memorable stay.

Day 5: Departure For Deosai Meadows

Explore the enchanting Deosai Meadows, taking in the beauty of Sheosar Lake, Kala Pani, Bara Pani, and the captivating Deosai landscape. Enjoy a camping experience in Deosai.

Day 6: Departure for Shigar Valley

Marvel at the allure of Sadpara Lake, Safranga Desert, Shigar Delta, and Shigar Fort during your journey to Shigar Valley, where you’ll spend the night.

Day 7: Departure for Khaplu

Discover the charms of Ghanche, Chaqchan Mosque, and Khaplu Fort as you head towards Khaplu for a memorable stay.

Day 8: Departure for Kachura Valley

Unwind by the beauty of Manthoka Waterfall, Upper Kachura, and Lower Kachura during your stay at Kachura Lake.

Day 9: Departure For Naran

Relish in the delights of Naran with a stay at Rose Valley Naran.

Day 10: Departure for Islamabad

Conclude your incredible journey with a return trip to Islamabad, cherishing the memories of your Fairy Meadows adventure.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary 10-day tour, where the wonders of Fairy Meadows and the surrounding regions await your exploration.

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